Our Story

Home & Tribe - Exploring magical cultures through artisan-made items!

The story of Home & Tribe online shop, started with me, Briana Anabtawi. In 2011, being a very sleep deprived new mum, I started dreaming about something that was mine. I wanted my own business, supporting my own passion. 

I have always loved travelling , and a big part of that was the art I got to see in distant corners of the world. I was fascinated with local artists in Morocco, Egypt, and the Philippines , as they had unique weaving and embroidery techniques, used on traditional fabrics, made to perfection. These unique patterns and accessories were catching my eye as i travelled with my family, and they made me realise my true passion- individual, OOAK art, one you can only find “on the way”.

Now, in 2019, I am proud to say I am working with so many talented individuals, from all across the world, and sharing their items and ancient techniques in this shop!


You’ll find a lot of beautiful tribal accessories on Home & Tribe.

As these items are all made by different artisans, from different origin countries, each and every item has it’s own story....From the embroidered shoulder bags, to leather cuff bracelets- each item was made ONE TIME to make sure you’ll have a truly one of a kind item!


We curate artisanal designs from all around the world, and we take pride in the fair wages we pay to each and every artisan.
 We cherish the time and effort it takes to make each item, along with the level of skill that only years and tradition can perfect. In a world full of “fast fashion” we choose to sell “Eco Fashion” with sustainable items & community outreach, we hope would create a positive impact in the world.


On top of our OOAK items, we also keep a detailed blog- sharing with you different adventures from around the world- and sharing real life photos of our talented artisans, their craft environment and their raw materials.


We love talking to our clients! if you got anything to say- please leave a message on our contact page!